Ancient Glass: A recent project. 18th Dynasty Glass Egyptian Ear Tunnels.

The link has my PDF on this glass reproduction project. These historical samples that I have used to reproduce my ear tunnels are from museum collections.

In the late 18th century and early 19th century it was a common practice for people to find artifacts and keep them or sell them at markets. Never documenting the find. These artifacts make it into private collections and eventually come to rest at a museum for documentation and display.  Unfortunately a lot of these small glass items fall into this category.

With that in mind, I can not provide any grave information or any more information besides the sizes, dates, colors and general region that they were found without making assumptions. We can however look at these pieces for their visual beauty, and craftsmanship and being a part of Ancient Egyptian jewelry.

Recreating them for myself allows me to feel and touch a piece of history and gives me a way to allow others to do so as well.  I will continue to search for more historical information on these small reproductions and will update if that research is found.

glass Egyptian ear tunnel paper