My Miniature Portraiture.

Hi there! In my spare time I have been creating several portrait miniatures.

Painting in miniature is a huge passion of mine and was my job for many years. I used to work for the J.A. Dedouch company based out of Oak Park IL as a miniature portrait artist. I created miniature art on porcelain.

Portrait miniatures first appeared in the early 1500’s in the French and English Courts.

Here is some of my recent work. The miniatures are made on goat parchment or on Arches hot pressed watercolor paper with either Gouache, Createx illustration colors or Doctor Martins spectralite paint. Each miniature takes about 4 hours to create from start to finish. I draw the outline in pencil and then proceed to block in colors. The colors used are mainly transparent pigments and each portrait has many layers of transparent pigment on them. The miniature ovals are 30x40mm in size. Historically the paintings were originally made on parchment using Guache or watercolors.  As the art progressed you find them being painted using oil paint over copper plates using a base of opaque lead white, later than that you find enameled portraits.  I can not oil paint any more (allergic)  so I have substituted oils with modern acrylics for some of my portraits.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy creating them!




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